Monday, April 6, 2015

Vegan Easter Brunch

I know I've said it before, but I"ll say it again just once more. This year was my first Easter away from my family, and since I'm really into celebrating the holidays, I had to adapt and recreate some of the traditions I'm accustomed to. One of the most important Easter traditions is of course, brunch.

I didn't really want to go through the whole hassle of finding a restaurant that met every single item off of my long list of needs for this long-anticipated brunch. For me, Easter brunch most certainly needs to have plenty of vegan options, and it wouldn't hurt for it to be a buffet either. Hey, Easter only comes once a year, so why not indulge?

One night when I couldn't fall asleep and my mind was racing, I decided that Lauren and I should just make our own Easter brunch. This way would could cook whatever we wanted and there would be plenty of food for seconds and leftovers. That same restless night, I went through my "Vegan Food" board and Pinterest and created an Easter menu in my head. The next morning, I told Lauren about my plans and she was gladly on board.
Yesterday we stuffed ourselves with:
- Fruit salad (strawberries, oranges, pineapple, pink lady apples, and raspberries)
- Caesar salad
- Sauteed green beans with slivered almonds
- Smashed potatoes
- Mini sandwiches made from dinner rolls, Celebration Field Roast, Chao cheese, and herb cream cheese
- Chocolate cake

Everything was so delicious and now we have plenty of leftovers to last us the next couple of days. Brunch is the best! 
Also, Lauren made me an assortment of vegan truffles, almond butter-chocolate dipped pretzels, and chex mix as part of my Easter goodies. They're even better than brunch!