Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 29: Knitting Day

Friday, April 24th was in a nutshell, a knitting day. Basically this is a nice way of saying Lauren and I spent the majority of the day watching "Friends" while working on our respective knitting projects. However, that's not to say the entire day was spent sitting on my butt. I did manage to make it to the gym (weights anyone?) and whip up some dinner (pizza anyone?).

Lauren mainly worked on my Grandpa Cardigan this weekend; she finished the body and has a good start on the first sleeve! Once it's complete, this sweater will certainly become a quick autumn staple for me. I can't wait! When she needed breaks from cable knitting, Lauren also dove into some of her other works in progress. She finished up a pair of cute mittens and knit a few rows on a pair of socks. Lauren even started a completely new project and is now working her way through a shawl.
On Wednesday I cast on my new yarn to make a cowl. I got halfway through the first skein of yarn when I made the tough decision to frog it. I grossly overestimated the number of stitches I needed and quickly realized that I would run out of yarn if I kept knitting. In the past I've had a hard time accepting that I just need to start a project completely over. While it pains me to rip out my hard, time consuming work, deep down I know that I'll love my finished knit so much more if I just start over and learn from my previous mistakes. Lauren called me out on it this weekend, and so now I'm vowing to not let that bother me so much. Plus for me, I not only want to knit because I appreciate the finished product, but also to enjoy the process. It shouldn't matter how long it takes me to finish something as long as I'm having fun doing it. Knitting is a true hobby, not just a means to an end. Likewise, while certain yarns can be on the expensive side, I'm okay with indulging in special yarn every once in awhile because I'm not just paying for the finished piece, rather my money is also going toward the experience. Sure I spent over $60 on yarn for a recent cowl, but 1. I don't do that often, 2. I know that it will be loved and well taken care of, and 3. it took me hours, days to finish that cowl so when I calculate how much money I spent per hour doing something I actually enjoyed, it doesn't seem that bad at all. Some people enjoy going to concerts and whatnot on the weekends, I on the other hand choose to spend my money knitting. Find something you truly like to do, and do it.

Best Friend Friday was filled with knitting and more relaxing, but even more importantly, yarn epiphanies!