Sunday, April 12, 2015

April Randomness

- Just finished eating a vegan chicken bacon burger with homemade buns. Delicious, to say the least.
- Binding the quilt surprisingly pretty fast. I'm already done with three sides.
- Already able to tell that my allergies are going to be bad this season.
- Feeling excellent after a great long run yesterday. My first road (unofficial) half marathon since June!
- Loving chocolate chip pancakes smothered in almond butter.
- Getting pretty darn excited to not have to wear a heavy jacket over multiple layers every day.
- Wanting to sew and knit a whole new wardrobe, but knowing this isn't likely going to happen.
- Replaced two of the four light bulbs in the main room of our apartment, and now it feels like a completely different place. So much better.
- Bummed that I broke the needle on my sewing machine, and putting off changing it.
- Almost finished submitting my taxes. Almost.
- Thinking I need to start going to yoga again.
- So sad that the vegan truffles and almond butter chocolate covered pretzels that Lauren made me are almost gone.
- Successfully meal planning each week.
- Watching every single episode of "Friends" from the very beginning. We're already on season three.
- Finding my new running shoes to be so comfortable.
- Really looking forward to spending several weeks in California this Summer.
- Deciding which project I should start knitting next.