Friday, April 10, 2015

Dreaming of Knitting

Lately I've been obsessed with all things hand knit. While I do know how to knit and even just finished an awesome Three Color Cowl, I'm nowhere near perfect. Recently, I've been pretty good about trying to fix my own mistakes before asking for help. Believe it or not, I've actually come a long way since my very first try at knitting. But, I still need tons of help just navigating my way through Ravelry.

Even though I'll never be a master knitter, I still dream big when it comes to starting and finishing projects. Seeing what other people are making/have made has really inspired me. I'm starting to believe that one day I'll actually be able to knit a sweater. Once I use up a significant amount of my stashed yarn, I'm definitely buying a sweater quantity and getting to work on that. I need a lot more practice with knitting cables, so I'll leave that technique to Lauren. She's knitting me a Grandpa Cardigan right now!

I still have a long ways to go before I start a sweater, but I also have a few more realistic goals for right now. Currently, I'm really into the shawl trend. Before, Lauren would pick up a random skein of yarn from my stash and ask me what my plans were for it. I would always reply, "a cowl". But now, I want to knit up all my previously-destined-to-be cowls, into shawls.

For the past few days I've been wanting to join a knit along (KAL). I'm sure I knew about them before, but I was never interested in participating or following other people's progress. Now, all I can think about is finding the perfect stashed yarn so I too can be a member of a KAL. Lauren's been helping me by sending me various links to different KAL's. So far, I'm deciding between a hat or a shawl. I'm thinking a hat will be a lot more doable, but hat season is hopefully over, and a shawl just seems so exciting! Regardless though, I'm definitely going to be participating in a KAL in May!

I have a lot of planned knitting projects, but they haven't gotten past this planning stage. Some projects just seem so daunting which I think scares me from starting. I hope to move past this anxiety filled stage and cast on something new this weekend!