Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 28: Long Weekend

Technically every weekend is a long weekend now since Lauren only has class Tuesday-Thursday, but I'm choosing to drag this past Best Friend Friday out to include Saturday, otherwise this post will pretty much be a repeat of last week's.
Like last week, Lauren and I spent this Friday, April 17 mainly watching "Friends" while doing crafty stuff. Lauren worked on my Grandpa Cardigan almost all weekend, and I finished Lauren's quilt Friday afternoon! We finished off the evening with our weekly Friday pizza tradition. Let me just tell you that Benevolent Bacon tastes amazing on pizza; the flavor complements pizza perfectly! Last Friday I jokingly told Lauren that I wanted a sheep-shaped pizza the following week, and she remembered! Amazing, right?

Saturday morning we woke up much earlier than we would normally to get a good head start on our long run so we wouldn't get stuck in the afternoon heat. Even though we started our 15 miles in the mid-morning, the humidity and rising temperatures were almost unbearable. After several miles I really had to stop to go to the bathroom. Usually I hate and refuse to stop, but this time I had to go. I stepped into the port-a-potty, closed the door, and without any ventilation massive amounts of sweat kept dripping down every inch of my body. I did my business and got out of there as fast as possible. The rest of the run wasn't so bad, although I did manage to get my first awkward tan lines and sunburn of the season. Those were bound to happen though.
We eagerly walked back to our apartment, grabbed a quick bite to eat, showered and cleaned up, and headed out the door to our next fun adventure. Loop was celebrating their 10th anniversary with raffles, a complimentary tote bag with purchase, and 10% off everything in store. Of course we needed to go; one can never have enough yarn. On our way to Loop, we decided to make a pit stop at Rita's for a cup of Italian ice. I tried blue raspberry, Lauren had island fusion. Despite walking around with a blue tongue and lips, Rita's was the perfect treat. Once at Loop, we easily spent over an hour meandering through the shop trying to narrow down our preferences and find the perfect yarn to take home. Initially I was going to get a skein of their Studio yarn because I love the colors so much, but I didn't have any project in mind for that particular yarn. Normally that's what I do; I buy a single skein that I like with the intention of knitting something with it in the future. I'm pretty certain that's exactly why I have a huge box of stashed yarn. I definitely don't need to hoard anymore yarn without an actual purpose for it, so I ditched the Studio yarn idea. I scrolled through my Ravelry queue and I kept coming back to this cowl. I stumbled upon the sale area of Loop and found the perfect yarn for this project. I wanted something pretty neutral, but still have some color to it. I picked up four skeins of Spud & Chloe Fine Sock in Orangutan and deemed them perfect. After looking the pattern over, I want to make a slight modification to it, but I really like the basic concept. It's a really easy knit and I should be able to finish it without any big issues.

My sewing plans didn't really pan out, but there's always next weekend. Me Made May will be happening!