Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Day!

Abby sent me an Easter card the other day; the inside read, "Dear Courtney, Happy Easter Day. Love, Abigail". So, Happy Easter Day to you too!
These pictures are our family Easter pictures from 1998 and 2014. 

Typically on Easter, I would attend church with my family then we'd head out for a bite to eat with the rest of my dad's family. It really didn't matter where we ate, but it always had to be a brunch buffet. My mom would give us all Easter baskets filled to the brim, and some years we would even have a huge Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

This year is different though, and that's okay. It's both mine and Lauren's first Easter away from our families, so we had to get creative. We've filled Easter baskets for each other this year, and we're diving into them first thing today. We'll be walking to church in the morning (thanks for coming with me Lauren), then coming back to our apartment and making ourselves a huge, fancy brunch. We're even going to have an egg hunt in our tiny apartment later on in the day.

In case your head is just spinning in circles at this point and really want to know more about my previous Easter adventures, here are Easter recap posts from 2012 and 2013. Hop on over and enjoy!