Sunday, January 4, 2015

12.14 Goals Roundup

I spent the majority of December back home in Sacramento, which meant I spent a lot of time hanging out with my family. Consequently, I didn't complete many tasks on my December goals list which I'm so completely fine with. Family time trumps pretty much anything. So, even though I didn't get to cross many things off of my goals list, I'm perfectly content with how I spent my time throughout the month.

Even though I already gave away how "little" I did in December, I'll still go ahead and talk about list.
1. Make some type of scrapbook: I was really hoping to document my short trip home somehow. I wanted to incorporate lots of pictures and souvenirs from the holidays, but sadly I really didn't take that many pictures. I failed at scrapbooking this month, but I still plan on creating some sort of smallish photo-filled book to reminisce my entire 2014.

2. Read two books: The past few months my goal has been to read just one book per month, and I didn't really have any issues completing that. So I thought I'd up my game for December and challenge myself to read two books. Because I chose to spend my free time visiting family and doing family related activities (which I don't regret at all), I only read one book. I ordered "The Chocolate Money" from Amazon before leaving Philadelphia, with the intention of reading the majority of it on the plane to Sacramento. Well that obviously didn't happen. I didn't even start the book till my second week home. However, it was a pretty fast read and I finished it in about two days. I already had a second book to read, but I never started it. I should probably just stick to trying to read one book per month. I did buy a Kindle though, so I'll have to try purchasing/borrowing books on my new device!

3. Run at least 50 miles: I was so certain this would be an easily attainable goal. I packed tons of running clothes, thinking I would love the warmer California weather and want to run all the time. For the past month or so though I've been dealing with some hip pain, most likely due to trochanteric bursitis, which has made running a lot more painful. Needless to say, I didn't complete this goal and only ran 21.2 miles in December. But let's be real here, even if my hip wasn't bothering me, I probably still wouldn't have got 50 miles in. No excuses over here!

4. Finish gifting all of the Christmas presents ON TIME: This was a big one on my list and something that was super important to me. Normally, I find myself promising family members/Lauren that I'll finish their gift(s) soon and I don't have anything to give them on the actual Christmas day (or anywhere near Christmas, to be honest). I'm almost completely caught up on gifts I owe people (I still owe Lauren a birthday cowl!), so I really didn't want to dig myself deeper into the hole of no return. I'm so happy to announce that I successfully gifted everyone their presents on time, and several of them were handmade!

5. Complete Summer Sampler blocks 16-20: I didn't even work on my Summer Sampler this month, but that's not to say I haven't cross stitched. I started working on something new, which I hope to have finished by Marissa's birthday.

6. Run one  mile in under 8 minutes: I completely forgot about this challenge until January 1 when my brother reminded me that we never had our one mile race. It's very likely that he could easily beat me, but there's also a good chance that I actually can run a single mile in under 8 minutes. This will happen sometime!

7. Clean up and organize my room at my parents' house: I cleaned up my room a little bit. But then I realized that my room at home is never going to be truly cleaned and organized for two main reasons. First, since I'm not living there anymore, my room has kind of become a storage room for my mom. She likes to store her excess skeins of yarn and the family's DVD collection in my room. Secondly, my room isn't that big and I have so much furniture loaded in my tiny space that the entire perimeter of my room is made up of various pieces of furniture. All of the furniture is being used (mainly for storage for me), so I can't really get rid of any of it. There's not much room to move anything around, so I don't see this space getting any cleaner or more organized than it is now.

8. Ride my bike: Currently my bike is residing at Lauren's mom's house in Roseville. I was hoping to somehow ride my bike from her house to my parents' house, but the routes I came up with all involved riding my bike on the freeway which really didn't seem like a good idea at all.

9. Craft something that I pinned: I made myself, Marissa, Heather, and mom marbled clay ring dishes from A Beautiful Mess as part of their Christmas presents. Lauren and I had tons of fun pairing different colors and coming up with some pretty unique pieces. We also made beads with the leftover marbled clay.

10. Try a new recipe: I thought for sure I'd be able to easily fit this goal into my holiday cooking somehow. But as it turned out, I made my Christmas menu pretty much exactly the same as my Thanksgiving meal, so no new recipes were needed. I did receive a food processor and a Ninja chopper for Christmas so I'm pretty certain I'll be trying lots of new recipes in 2015.

Score for December: 2 out of 10