Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 16: The Green Line Cafe Edition

January 23 couldn't come soon enough. For the whole week leading up to Friday I was transfixed and so excited to try The Green Line Cafe for the first time. I was able to taste Dottie's Donuts the week before, and I was pumped to try them again at a different location. After stalking The Green Line Cafe on Instagram, I happily noticed that their coffee joint seemed a lot less crowded than Hub Bub and they had a ton more vegan options than just the donuts. All of this meant that Lauren and I wouldn't have to squeeze into a shared table and we could order a lot more food!

I had absolutely no idea how busy The Green Line Cafe would be on a Friday morning, and therefore didn't know how quickly they would sell out of their donuts and other vegan favorites I had been wanting to try. So, Lauren and I woke up at least an hour earlier than the week before, hoping for a wide selection of vegan treats.

Green Line Cafe's new location is only five blocks from our apartment which made it a quick walk. To my joyful surprise there were only two other patrons already seated when we arrived. We were the only ones in line to order which was one of my first clues that I was going to enjoy this experience much more. Whenever we're presented with a lot of vegan options, it always takes Lauren and I a pretty long time to decide what we want. I'm so used to finding that one item on a menu that I can actually eat, so when I have numerous choices to pick from I'm overwhelmed! Because I had my sights set on donuts, I selected the chocolate blueberry and cinnamon and sugar ones. Lauren chose the peach donut and the Steve Sandwich. We also ordered our favorite fancy drinks; chai again for me!
All of the donuts were delicious of course, and it was really nice to have all four flavors still left to choose from. I was really impressed by the sandwich! It was a toasted marinated tofu sandwich with veggies and a delicious vegan chipotle aioli dressing. It was a tiny bit spicy, but overall it was amazing! Luckily Lauren and I like order different things so that we can share and try even more items. I split my donuts with her and she gave me half of her sandwich. I wasn't super thrilled with my chai though; it was too watery for me. That being said though, I'll definitely be going back to Green Line Cafe again thanks to their extensive vegan offerings. I'll skip a fancy drink and stick to the food. I'm thinking of trying the sweet potato burrito next!

Lauren and I also had a few other errands to run. Lately we've been using Fridays to get stuff done while still throwing some fun into the mix. After taking our time at Green Line, we hopped on the subway and headed over to Staples to use up some more of our rewards. We picked up some cute washi tape, to-do list notepads, and cards. I also bought watercolors!

Next, we made our way to Whole Foods. We were in dire need of veggie broth, and since we prefer a very specific brand and type (Better Than Bullion's No Chicken Broth), we made the trek since we were already in Center City. Since Whole Foods is the only place that sells this particular broth and half the time we're searching for it they're out of stock, we grabbed three jars like the apocalypse was coming. Sadly they were out of the Field Roast Chao cheese, but we did pick up some mozzarella Daiya.

We could have easily jumped back on the subway to get back home, but we decided to soak up nice day since it wasn't too cold and the sun was out. I also really like walking down South Street; so many cute shops/eateries and townhouses to admire! After walking over 30 blocks, it was nice to be back at our apartment.

The rest of the day was spent sewing! Lauren and I recently got interested in garment sewing again. We have a "collection" of pdf patterns that are just waiting to be used. I printed several out and we got to work. Lauren worked on a Linden Sweatshirt and I started with a Tova Top.

The past handful of Fridays were really lacking a special feature. It had been a long time since we indulged in Friday night pizza night, so we eagerly agreed upon making pizza for dinner and I quickly devoured my share!

This is what Best Friend Fridays are all about! I love trying new places, getting errands out of the way, crafting with my bestie, and eating pizza. Nothing beats that!