Monday, January 5, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 10

Last Friday was so different from most, in a good way.

Lauren and I struggled walking half a dozen blocks to the subway station, hopping on the thankfully pretty empty subway, and squeezing in with all of our luggage on another train which was not an easy task. Who actually packs light? It was all worth it though. We ended up at the Philadelphia airport, super excited to be going home to California for a few weeks, but probably even more ecstatic to be able dump the majority of our bags off at the check in desk.

Seriously though, we vowed to take a taxi upon our arrival back to Philadelphia regardless of how much money we would otherwise save.

Our first leg of the trip took us from Philadelphia to Phoenix where we were supposed to have a two hour layover. The weather was perfectly clear (from our perspective), but sadly Las Vegas was having weather issues and that's where our connecting flight was coming from. This caused our connection to be delayed by at least two more hours. This couldn't have come at a worse time. Lauren and I were so excited to be coming home to see our families, but even more importantly my stomach was already grumbling for the delicious Chinese food I was planning on indulging in at Mayflower upon arriving in Sacramento. We had been planning this dinner for over a month and I was going to be devastated if the restaurant closed before we got there. First world problems, I know.

After rearranging my ride home (my dad had to also pick up my brother from college) and checking Mayflower's hours, my hope was restored. Lauren and I were sitting at a different gate because our actual gate was flooded with people, so we almost missed our flight (once it finally made its appearance)! Thankfully Lauren realized that our flight was already boarding, and we rushed over just in time to still board with the group A passengers!

Lauren loves the window seat and I'll sit in any seat BUT the aisle seat, so that means I always get a middle seat so Lauren and I can sit next to each other. Randomly (perhaps), one of my brother's good friends from elementary school ended up sitting next to me from Phoenix to Sacramento...what are the chances? Once we landed in Sacramento, I spotted one of our SacFit running buddies waiting at the airport. His daughter was also on the same Phoenix flight as us. So weird!

Leti and Dan picked us up from the airport and immediately drove us to Mayflower! I skipped lunch so that I would be super hungry and stuff myself with chow fun and tofu. We met my brother Frank, my uncle Norman, and Lauren's dad at the restaurant. My dad also showed up later. My family has been going to Mayflower for as long as I can remember, so much so that the owners know us and the waiters know our usual orders. I was about to place my order, and the waiter stopped me and said, "Let me guess, you want the vegetarian food?". Spot on!

After sharing lots of East Coast stories and eating my weight in the most delicious Chinese food in the world, we headed to our respective homes.

This was seriously one of the best Fridays in a really long time.

*I've been pretty absent from blogging lately, due to being home for the holidays. So, my "Best Friend Friday" posts are really backlogged but I hope to catch up on the past few weeks soon!