Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 15: Vegan Donuts Edition

Since I'm weird and all, one of my hobbies is scouring the "veganphilly" and "phillyvegans" hashtags on Instagram. I had been wanting to try some Dottie's vegan dounuts after drooling over them for the past several months. I started following @dottiesdonuts on Instagram and have been obsessing over the specific locations their products are sold. Lauren and I were planning on going to Hub Bub the week before, but things happened and we ended up needing to be home all day to wait for Lauren's sewing machine delivery. So, we postponed our plan and decided to stop for donuts at Hub Bub the next Friday.

Most mornings, Dottie's Donuts posts their current selection of donut flavors, as they change daily. I woke up Friday morning and saw that maple, cinnamon sugar, matcha ginger, and spiced cranberry were being offered that day. I was super excited to try the first two!

Because we slept in, I was really hoping that Hub Bub wouldn't have already sold out of donuts. I had no idea about their daily quantity, and since it was a weekday and most people work during the week and wake up much earlier than us, I knew there was a good chance that we wouldn't be getting any treats.

We walked the ten blocks over to Hub Bub and hopped in line. Lauren and I ordered our drinks (chai for me, of course), then Lauren added that we would also like two maple and two cinnamon sugar donuts. The guy gave us that look that made me nervous, admitting that he'd have to go check and make sure they still had those flavors left. He lifted the lid on the single donut box and announced that he only had one maple and one cinnamon sugar left (the ones on display), but that there were still a lot of matcha ginger ones remaining. Lauren and I looked at each other, and with that one look we ordered the two donuts from the display case and agreed to split and share them so that we could still try both flavors.

Since my chai was ready before Lauren's latte, I was in charge of finding a seat. Given that it was about 10 in the morning, the place was packed. The only available seats were at a community-like table so we ended up sitting there. My "lack of comfort" hindered me from taking pictures of our beautiful donuts, which is a pretty big bummer. 

Once we were seated as comfortably as possible, we hastily split both donuts in half. Most vegan donuts are more cake-like and dense. These ones though, didn't even taste vegan. They were super fluffy, and the texture and taste were spot on. I preferred the maple but Lauren's favorite was the cinnamon sugar. Both were delicious, but I enjoy the glaze, hence me favoring the maple version. They were a little on the cold side, but I bet they would be even better if we came earlier in the morning (plus we would have more of a selection). By the way, my chai was great as well.

I'll definitely be indulging in dozens of more Dottie's Donuts while living in Philadelphia. One thing that Lauren and I both like about Philadelphia over Sacramento is the wide range of vegan offerings. Hub Bub wasn't my favorite place ever; it was just too crowded and hipster-y for my taste. A branch of Green Line Cafe literally just opened pretty close to our apartment, and they sell Dottie's Donuts there as well. We've already made plans to go there next week, and if I enjoy the atmosphere there, it's going to be pretty hard to stop myself from making multiple donut trips throughout the week.

This entire Friday was pretty much dedicated to vegan donuts and I'm totally okay with that. This just goes  to prove my weirdness. Thankfully Lauren is almost as weird as me and doesn't mind spending "Best Friend Friday" trying new-to-us vegan treats!