Monday, January 19, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 14

I'll come right out and admit it, we didn't go anywhere on January 9 for "Best Friend Friday". But we had a really good reason to stay inside our apartment all day long. Lauren's new sewing machine was getting delivered and we had to be home to receive and sign for the exciting package. Typically UPS comes sometime in the late morning and USPS always arrives around lunchtime (we weren't sure who the carrier was), so we weren't expecting to be cooped up all day long. But as the day continued to move on without a call regarding a package, we soon realized that this entire Friday was going to be spent inside.

All was not lost though. We spent the day watching Netflix (always a nice, relaxing thing to do) which meant a lot of knitting time for me. Lauren bought me a ton of yarn for Christmas so I've been even more eager to work on my knit blanket!
When Lauren's sewing machine finally arrived (around 7 PM!), she quickly took it out of its box and started working on a project right away. Of course watching someone else sew made me want to stitch something up as well. After sitting on my desk for several days due to nervousness and frustration, I finally finished sewing my Kindle sleeve, and it didn't turn out so bad after all. Thankfully, it isn't' too small. With more time to spare, I whipped out the paper cutter and started making plans for my 2014 random album!

Although we didn't venture out this Friday like we would typically do, I had a great Friday with my bestie! We had a lot of free time to do crafty things together and now Lauren has her own sewing machine so we'll be able to sew together at the same time, like a true sweatshop!