Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 11

Sometime back in November, Lauren and I received our invitations to my cousin Abby's 5th birthday party. The rest of my family also obviously attended, as well as Lauren's mom Leti along with Leti's 5 year old granddaughter, Kimi. Abby and Kimi have met once before, but it's always so funny to watch little kids play together and act like best friends even though they haven't seen each other in over a year. So on this Friday, three weeks ago, Lauren and I spent "Best Friend Friday" doing best friend things celebrating Abby's birthday.
Her birthday party was held at a local children's science museum. I remember going to the Discovery Museum when I was a kid; in the back of the center is a planetarium where patrons get to view our solar system and the Earth's sky at nighttime. Just as I recall from my childhood, at Abby's party the guide described the solar system, specific stars, and the big constellations at a young kid's level. I was surprised at how many preschoolers actually knew all the planets, and one even asked about Pluto.

The party was casually catered, but my aunt made sure that there would be a healthy amount of vegan options. I enjoyed the fruit salad (especially the pineapple!) and the pasta salad with kale. But I was really impressed that there were also crackers and vegan almond cheese! I've never tried almond cheese before, let alone any cold vegan cheese. It was delicious nonetheless though, and I got to take home the vegan leftovers!
My aunt asked Lauren and I to take pictures at the party and we didn't have any issues doing that. Our only conundrum was that we were afraid the other parents (who we didn't know) would be freaked out over us snapping pictures of their little kids. So Lauren and I did the best we could without looking like creepers. Lauren even managed to snap my family's belated Christmas card photo, as someone was pretty insistent to get this done in front of a dinosaur statue.
At the end of the party everyone sang happy birthday to Abby. It reminded me of having birthday parties with my classmates when I was in elementary school and trying so hard to act nonchalant, hiding the huge grin on my face as people were singing to me. I feel so old now!

I'm pretty sure Abby had fun at her party, and I'm glad Lauren (and Lauren's family) are basically like a branch of me which makes them practically family too. So I'm happy my bestie and I got to spend this Friday evening together acting as photographers at my cousin's birthday party.