Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, which means I'm sharing all of the crafty things I've been working on this past week today. Taking photos of my knit projects in progress is especially rewarding as I've been updating my Ravelry profile to share my projects.

Surprisingly, knitting is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies now. Lauren taught me how to knit in 2010, but I never truly appreciated it until recently.
Last Fall I decided to start a garter stitch blanket as a way to use up those random skeins of acrylic yarn. So far my blanket is a mixture of Vanna's Choice and Knit Picks Brava Worsted in a variety of colors. I'm hoping to be able to knit a full size blanket to act as a comforter one day. Currently I'm finishing up my second pink skein, but I know that this is a project that I'll be working on most likely for years.
I came to a standstill last week with my tubular stockinette cowl because I needed to wind another skein of yarn but didn't feel like taking out the swift and ball winder. I realized that if I wanted to finish this cowl by the end of May, then I better get to it. I only have like six inches left to knit until I'm ready to block and stitch my cowl together.
Loop was closed this past Sunday for Memorial Day weekend, so there wasn't a physical meet up for the knit along. But, that didn't stop Lauren and me from knitting our Melodia shawls Sunday evening. This has been a great project for my first shawl. It's a pretty mindless knit with very basic stitches, yet I'm learning the construction of a shawl. I feel like I have to pace myself while knitting my Melodia, otherwise I won't have anything left to knit with everyone else for the next few Sundays.

I've been sewing this Tiny Pocket Tank in small spurts for the past week. I just finished it and I'm in love. The fit is perfect and the fabric drapes wonderfully. It's getting really hot and humid in Philadelphia so I know this top will be getting worn a lot.  

Also, Lauren introduced me to Ginny's Yarn Along, so I'm linking up to her post today as well! Want to see more works in progress? Check out Lauren's!