Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 31: Art Star Craft Bazaar

Let's be real, I should probably go ahead and rename this little series "Best Friend Weekend" since our most exciting adventures tend to happen on other weekend days, but that just doesn't sound as cool. So, I'm sticking with "Best Friend Friday". Lauren and I had a pretty low key Friday snacking on homemade caramel corn for lunch, and filling the day with lots of knitting.
We ran 16 miles on Saturday and rewarded ourselves by going to a craft fair on Sunday. We hopped on the subway and arrived at Penn's Landing with plenty of time to spare. I don't go into Old City that often, but we stayed in this part of Philadelphia last May while apartment hunting, so it was fun to walk through the area again and reminisce on our previous outings with our moms almost exactly a year later.

Lauren and I tend to approach craft fairs with somewhat of a plan. Usually we walk around and look at all of the booths before buying anything. I like to see everything before making any decisions, I guess that's part of the reason people call me indecisive. Before we finished our first walk through of all the vendors, Lauren purchased a thin brass ring from Asarum Designs. Although I'm usually against impulse buys, I'm glad Lauren went with her gut on this. If she hadn't bought the ring, I probably would have! Besides this ring, we found several other jewelry companies that we ended up loving. I adored several pieces from Anethum Jewelry, and Lauren fell in love with a bangle and earrings from Samantha Skelton Jewelry Design.

As odd as it may sound, I came to the Art Star Craft Bazaar really wanting to buy soap of all things. I'm a sucker for good smelling, fancy soap. So, as we made our way through the vendors, I made sure to stop and admire each place selling handmade soap. After thinking about it over lunch, I made the easy decision to go back to The Post Home and Body, and selected a few bars. Lauren and I each bought a bar of Citrus & Basil; I also selected the Grapefruit scent, and Lauren decided on the Facial bar. As we were paying for our items, we found out the maker actually went to college in Sacramento, how awesome is that?
There were several food vendors at the craft fair as well. It was easy for us to decide where we wanted to eat though. We both ordered a BBQ seitan sandwich and desserts from Soy Cafe. I picked the chocolate chip donut, Lauren got the whoopie pie. The seitan was really good; the flavor was amazing. The bread needed to be toasted or something though. I really enjoyed my donut and the whoopie pie was surprisingly also delicious.
As we were making our way back to the bus stop after leaving the craft fair, we just had to stop off at The Franklin Fountain for some ice cream. They offer several vegan flavors amongst dozens of dairy ice creams, making this an ice cream parlor for anyone to easily enjoy. Their prices seemed a little high at first, but you actually get a lot of ice cream per scoop, so it was definitely worth it. I picked the vanilla coconut, and Lauren selected the strawberry vegan ice creams. We got them in to-go containers which are actually Chinese take-out boxes, and ate every last bite. We'll definitely be coming back, and plan to take Leti, Marissa, and Heather here when they come out in November!

I had an amazing weekend spending time with my best friend doing what we do best: buying things and eating! Coming off such a fun weekend made getting back into our "normal" routines that much harder. I can't wait for what's in store next weekend!