Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Randomness

This photo is from two years ago, but I can't stop thinking about that shade of pink and the beauty of camellias. 

Spring is finally truly here. The warmer weather automatically makes my days infinitely happier and more enjoyable. I've been wearing shorts nonstop all month long, so there's not much to complain about over here! So far this month I've been...

- getting pumped for Lauren's birthday present (although not till this Fall).
- still wanting to knit everything.
- rekindling my love for sewing for myself and using up fabric whenever I can.
- loving vegan ice cream from Franklin Fountain.
- watching "Friends" on the weekends and late in the evening. I'm already on season 9 of 10.
- realizing how important experiences are over material items.
- wishing I could build my dream house, starting with the kitchen.
- running a crazy amount of miles per week with big goals for the upcoming San Francisco Marathon.
- looking through old photos and literally seeing how much everyone has grown up and matured.
- excited to participate in a knit along and going to Loop on a weekly basis for a KAL meetup.
- craving Indian food like no other, especially veggie pakora.
- appreciating nicely made letterpress greeting cards.
- so thankful for my Project 365. It's awesome to compare photos from the same day, but different years.
- preferring to take the bus over the subway. There's something about being underground that I really don't like. Although, I much rather walk to my destination to be honest.
- planning all the fun things we're going to do in November when Marissa, Heather, and Leti visit.
- thinking about what I want for my birthday.
- getting lots of mosquito bites.
- buying dried beans and cooking them myself, instead of canned. 
- making breakfast rituals. Steel cut oats Tuesday through Thursday; "healthy" pancakes the rest of the mornings. This actually helps me look forward to waking up.
- feeling like I need to take a break from reading novels for a little bit. I need to leave more time in between each one to truly absorb them and appreciate them to their full capacity.
- remembering I need to go to Trader Joe's next week. Almond butter isn't going to replenish itself!