Sunday, May 17, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 32: Handmade Photo Shoot

This past Friday on May 15, Lauren and I ventured out to take some photos of our recent handmade items. We had been meaning to do this for a while, but obstacles kept holding us back. Whether it was the weather or the fact that we didn't have anywhere semi-private to hide in our awkwardness, we always found reason after reason to put this off.

Earlier in the week Lauren and I were running around our neighborhood, just focusing on finishing a random midweek training run. I let Lauren pick our route and she accidentally led us to the cemetery (she was trying to get to the park). I had gone running there once before, but this was Lauren's first time. Surprisingly, there's a nice little one mile-ish "trail" around the perimeter of the cemetery that serves as a fantastic course to run on. While I completely feel the need to respect the deceased, there were a handful of other runners there as well, so I didn't feel this was inappropriate. When I was running there with Lauren, she suggested that we come back later on in the week and take photos of our handmade items. The location was ideal; there was plenty of greenery and there weren't tons of people to gawk at us. So, we decided to venture back here on Best Friend Friday.

Friday early afternoon, we bagged up all of our finished projects we wanted photographed, along with our cameras. Lauren had more items than me which worked out well since I preferred playing photographer anyway. I don't want to ruin all of the fun, so I'll just say that I managed to have three items photographed, ready to share. I already blogged about two of them: a Tova Top and a Three Color Cowl, but I'll leave the third one as a surprise, unless of course you've already seen it on Instagram!

Both Lauren and I also planned to take pictures of knit socks we each made. We wanted to wear our socks in some of the photos, but didn't want the soles to get dirty. We found a brick walkway, thinking this would be a good option. Lauren put on her first pair of socks and I started taking pictures when we noticed that the area was swarmed with hairy caterpillars. Let's just say I'm not an animal person, and neither of us is a true nature enthusiast, so we decided to get out of there. I figured I'd settle for just standing on plain, boring cement. But, when I knelt down to put my socks on, I saw tiny red ants everywhere. Although much smaller than the caterpillars, I'm not a fan of ants either. So, we decided to call it a day and finish our sock photos another time.

I'm super happy that we managed to take some good quality photos (versus iPhone photos) of our finished sewn and knit items. Being photographed in a staged manner in public was a little terrifying and slightly embarrassing initially. With time though, we both let go of our insecurities and started feeling more comfortable, which also made for better photos. Now, I'm actually looking forward to finishing projects and having them photographed! Thanks for having a mini photo shoot with me, Lauren