Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 30: Sewing Weekend

Friday, May 1 marked the first day of the long anticipated bestie sewing marathon. Lauren and I have both been eagerly wanting to participate in Me Made May this year, so we knew we needed to get sewing in order to have enough handmade items to be successful at this challenge.

For months I've had several garments already cut out, just waiting to be sewn. My goal for the weekend was to finish these three items to completion. While I didn't finish everything I would've liked to, I did make a lot of progress. I finished a Pretty Blouse, basically completed a Linden, and got a good start on a knit Scout Tee. This was my first attempt at sewing with knit fabric, and I'm surprised it didn't turn out too horribly. I still have the hem and neck binding to complete, and I should also probably redo the sleeve hems. Hopefully I'll have this top done this week so I can wear it soon! 

Lauren kicked off the sewing weekend by cutting out fabric. Her plan was to sew up several Tiny Pocket Tees with the intention of raising the neckline. I think she's still working on perfecting all the tiny details, but nonetheless, we both have grand plans to wear as many handmade items as possible throughout this month. Lauren and I even had our first taste of Me Made May on Monday while wearing handmade tops (Lauren also added a handmade cowl and purse) out and about. I'm not sure what's in store for next Friday, but I definitely wouldn't mind having another mini sewing marathon with my best friend!
I suppose I should also officially state my Me Made May pledge, even though I've already done so on Instagram. I, Courtney, pledge to wear something handmade (sewn, knit, etc.) at least five times each week for the month of May. Even if I don't quite meet this goal, I hope that this month of me-madeness encourages me to sew more often for myself, use a lot of stashed fabric, makes me consider what clothing styles look best on my shape, and consequently motivates me to alter garments I already own to fit me better.