Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 34: Weekend Blurbs

I have to admit, nothing super exciting went down this weekend so I don't have anything outrageously cool to share with you. Instead, I thought I'd throw out a tiny glimpse into a typical best friend filled weekend full of ordinary adventures.

On Friday Lauren had a meeting in Center City so we hopped on the bus and headed downtown, leaving early so we would have plenty of time to spare. However, we overshot how much extra time we needed to allow for, so to kill time we grabbed a snack at P.S. & Co. since we had been wanting to try the healthful-looking eatery. They had a wide selection of bottled juices, packaged salads, and "healthy" desserts, many if not all of which were vegan. All of the food looked appetizing and very fresh, but after seeing the prices we decided just to split their take on a cheesecake. I quickly scanned the ingredients to verify that the cheesecake cup was vegan so I don't remember exactly what was in it, but it was pretty tasty. Despite its delicious smoothness and creaminess, I don't think it was worth all that I paid for it. I am however very glad that we tried another restaurant that has been on our virtual "to try list".

While Lauren was at her meeting, I wandered over to Rittenhouse Square Park, found a bench in the shade and knit for an hour. The fancy shops were calling my name and I was so tempted to at least walk by them, but luckily my willpower stopped me. I've never really knit in public before, but I loved knitting in the park. It was so peaceful and relaxing that I must make more time to do this.

The remainder of the day was spent knitting in our air conditioned apartment. Lauren and I knit nonstop for hours while watching House of Cards. We did take a little break for pizza though; can't break that tradition!

Saturday morning I woke up really early so that I could get my long run in before the heat got too unbearable. This was my first time going out for a long run by myself. Lauren re-injured her knee on Wednesday so we thought it was best that she rests instead of risking further injuries. I made it up to Wissahickon and back, while logging 16.5 miles for the day. I wish Lauren would have been able to run with me, but I am proud of myself for not making excuses when I needed to run alone.

This afternoon (Sunday), we walked over to Loop for the weekly Melodia knit along. Being that it's a two mile walk there and it has been really humid, Lauren had the brilliant idea to stop at Starbucks on the way. Lauren got her beloved passion fruit tea lemonade and I tried peach green tea lemonade. Our ice cold drinks were the perfect treats to get us through the hot walk.

Of course we loved every minute of our time at Loop. We both agree that it's fun to knit with other people every once in awhile. And it's even more exciting to look at all of the pretty colorful yarn!

Thunderstorms are expected all day for tomorrow (did I mention I got drenched while walking through a random rainstorm on Wednesday?), so I'm glad I got plenty of sun and time outdoors this past weekend. It's only Sunday evening and I already can't wait for next Friday!