Wednesday, October 1, 2014

09.14 Goals Roundup

Guess what? I still love making lists, in case you were wondering.

1. Knitting: I started a knitting project, but then I took it out because I didn't like it. So crossing off my knitting goal is a no go.

2. Summer Sampler: I finished the tenth square towards the end of September and am looking forward to stitching more this month. The cute little scenes are keeping me going.

3. Make something with dates: I adapted this chocolate chip cookie dough babies recipe, making homemade Larabars...they're delicious by the way. However, they're much harder to make without a food processor. At first I used my magic bullet, but it just wasn't strong enough. So, I chopped up each ingredient separately and then mixed them all together.

4. Hair cut: Check! I went to Paul Mitchell, a teaching salon, and chopped off like 6 inches of hair.

5. Read a book: I ordered a book on Amazon towards the beginning of September, hoping it would arrive pretty quickly. Unfortunately though, it didn't arrive until I had already moved to Philadelphia, so I'll have to pick that book up when I go back to California in December. Then towards the end of the month, I found a used book store within walking distance to our apartment and picked up "Middlesex" and have been reading a little bit of it each day since. I finished the book just in time (on the last day of September at like 11 PM). Score! Middlesex is a great  book, by the way. It's hard to get into at first, but once I got through the first two chapters or so, I was hooked. I'm going back to the used book store tonight to pick out another book...I'm excited to see what I'll find!

6. Marissa's birthday present: I'm kicking myself for this one. Her birthday present is so close to being finished. I had to order something online for it though, and it won't be here for like another week, so I was unable to finish it in September. It is my fault though, I should've been more productive with it earlier on in the month so it would've been completed on time. I will be mailing it to her in October though!

7. Have a successful move: So, this was bound to happen. I moved to Philadelphia in the middle of the month, and I say it was pretty successful. I've already found my favorite places to eat in the city and am getting acquainted with the neighborhood. 

8. Tearing out the container garden: Major fail here. I was planning to clean up the garden space at Leti's house before we moved. But I had so much to get done the week leading up to leaving, that I just didn't have the time or energy to do this.

9. Running: I didn't run even close to 75 miles. I haven't run since the second week of September, and my longest run of the month was the Buffalo Stampede. I was too busy to go running when I first moved, and now that I'm more settled here, I've joined a gym. I started lifting weights (a little bit) and taking group exercise classes (okay, I've only taken one so far), and my legs have been so sore from the weights that I haven't been able to run. I really want and need to work running back into my schedule though.

10. Create the perfect chili: Technically I didn't make the chili, Lauren did. But regardless, I helped come up with the "recipe" and it was delicious. Think lots of beans! Therefore, the perfect chili has been created in our apartment. I call that a win.

Score for September: 6 out of 10
Much better than August!