Saturday, October 11, 2014

Best Friend Friday No. 1

Let me just start out by saying how much I love and appreciate Trader Joe's now. Of course there were Trader Joe's in the Sacramento area, but I never really frequented them much, mainly because they were out of the way. But since living in Philadelphia without my car and my comfort snacks at the nearby grocery store, I've come to seriously love making the kind-of-out-of-the-way trip to Trader Joe's. Lauren and I went a little bit crazy in the store, buying whatever the heck we wanted. Just to ramble about a few items...the pumpkin Joe-Joe's are so good and I seriously can't wait to try the pumpkin rolls with pumpkin spiced icing! We also bought supplies to make trail mix, and I have to admit, Trader Joe's carries the best cashews (the 50% less salt ones are my favorite, just saying).

 Anyway, this morning Lauren and I also tried one of the neighborhood eateries, Metropolitan Bakery. I had read reviews and seen pictures on Instragram, so I was pretty certain they would have some vegan selections, but if not I would be content with a chai. When we got there I was actually pleasantly surprised that they labelled everything that was vegan. Metropolitan Bakery specializes in breads and pastries, and even though I didn't try any of there mouthwatering breads (I love bread), I'm really looking forward to trying different loaves in the hopefully near future. What I did order however, were the chai-der (think chai mixed with apple cider) and the spicy tofu burrito. At first the chai-der was a little weird, but after adding some soy milk to it, I enjoyed it. I'm glad I tried one of the seasonal products, but I think I'll stick to a regular chai next time. The burrito was also good, although I asked for it without guacamole. Halfway through my meal though, I found a bunch of guacamole so that pretty much threw me off and I didn't like it as much after that. The spices from the burrito also didn't mesh that well with the chai-der. Perhaps next time, I'll get either a drink or food, rather than both. The veggie chicken salad also sounded good, so that may be happening next time.

Because Lauren has Fridays off from school, we try to do "best friend activities" on Fridays and explore Philadelphia. My favorite parts are of course trying new restaurants, but really the whole day is fun. For this week's Best Friend Friday we tried a local bakery and went shopping at Trader Joe's and I couldn't be happier! The little things in life, right?