Monday, September 1, 2014

08.14 Goals Roundup

I've learned something very important about myself; I love to make lists. Although my productivity may not drastically increase from doing so, writing out lists is my thing. I think that's the real reason why I'm so excited to have monthly "to-do lists" now.

According to August's list, I haven't accomplished much. While it may feel like a letdown, it doesn't bother me to much. My "to-do lists" aren't actually lists that I have to get done, but rather some things I want to do. Whenever I'm bored or sitting around doing absolutely nothing, my list pops back up into my head, and I remember all of things I want to get done, so I usually choose to work on one of the items from my list. This has been great. My boredom is cured and I'm doing something somewhat productive.

1. Marissa's birthday present: I'm still not finished, but I'm so determined to have it done by this year's birthday (September 4)! I worked on it a little bit last week, but still have a ways to go.

2. Running: My idea for this goal was signing up for a marathon or longer, but that didn't happen. I did register for a local 10 mile run the first week of September and I have been running a lot more than before, so I'm checking this off my list!

3. Magazine "collection": I didn't even get through half of my magazines despite working pretty hard on this challenge. Don't worry though, this item wasn't a complete loss, I'm going to toss the remainder of them and be done with this one.

4. Library: I really wanted to go to the library so that I could find a book to read this month for my 24th birthday challenge. Sadly a visit to the library didn't happen, neither did reading a book this month...I was too busy reading magazines!

5. Summer Sampler: I didn't complete this project either; I'm almost done with my sixth square though.

6. Sewing weekend: While I didn't cut out a bunch of fabric or have an actual sewing weekend, Lauren and I had a sewing week instead. I failed to complete a project but I got my sewing fix, so I'm calling this one a win.

7. Unpack boxes at my parents' house: I unpacked most of the boxes, but I still have two more left. A lot more reorganizing also needs to take place.

8. Watching my money: Pretty soon after I set this goal I realized that it's a little bit pointless. I buy almost everything with my credit card to rack up points, and so I can easily check my account online and review all of my purchases which I've been doing for the past few years. Even though I can't technically cross this one off my "to do" list, I'm not sorry for having not completed it.

9. Bike ride: Unfortunately no bike riding occurred in August. I still want to make this happen though.

10. Pottery painting: Likewise, pottery painting didn't happen either, but I'm hoping to paint myself something nice soon.

Score for August: 2 out of 10

Watch out September, you're going to have a pretty hefty list coming your way!