Saturday, September 20, 2014

Goodbye Sacramento

Hello Philadelphia!

Last Saturday Lauren and I, along with our families' help, moved across the country! Lauren is starting grad school, and I hope to be too sometime next year. It's a huge change, but moving with your best friend makes it so much easier of a transition.

We moved into our apartment on Monday and have been unpacking since. In August we rented and packed up two Uhaul U-Boxes to move the majority of our belongings back East. Even though we were able to bring most of our stuff with us, we still somehow managed to need to go to Target and Ikea. I'm not complaining though!

While our families were here we did some touristy things, like visiting historical landmarks. Our favorite place to go was Reading Terminal Market, but the best restaurant we dined at was a vegetarian Chinese place called Su Xing House.

I have been to Philadelphia several times before (May was my last trip), but since becoming a resident my sights for the city have changed. I'm now a lot more concerned about locating all the nearby grocery stores and pharmacies, memorizing the map and street names of the area, and truly figuring out the ins and outs of public transportation.

With this huge move will come a lot more changes in the ensuing days, weeks, and months. It's scary to not be in California anymore, but this is an adventure and a great opportunity to travel and learn new things. Although everything is unpacked and our families have returned to the West Coast, we still have a lot more organizing and rearranging to tackle!