Friday, November 14, 2014

Vegan Apple Pulp Pancakes

A few days ago I talked about how in the past, I was hesitant to use my juicer out of guilt of wasting so much of the fruit and veggie pulp. My first endeavor using the leftover pulp was in making chocolate chip apple (pulp) muffins, and they were delicious! After this baking success, I decided to try my hand at another recipe since I still had some apple pulp to use up.

I decided to make apple pulp pancakes (from the same blog as the muffins) because, who doesn't love pancakes? Even though I would be perfectly happy eating the same boring oatmeal every morning for breakfast, Lauren doesn't quite feel the same way. I thought this would be a good way and reason to change things up, for one day at least.

This is a single-serving recipe, so I made two batches in separate bowls. I love how simple the recipe is and that the batter can be made in just one bowl (per serving). It speeds up the process and makes washing the ensuing dishes a bit easier.
I mostly followed the recipe, but like usual I made a few changes. I added only half of the recommended oil, left out the nutmeg and cardamon, and used all whole wheat flour. Since the recipe said it would make one serving, I assumed that meant one regular sized pancake. So I poured out all of the batter into the pan in one glob, and started spreading it out. It was huge! Not that I'm complaining or anything, I do love large pancakes. It was so big that it almost filled out the entire pan. Although they'd be a lot easier to flip if I made two smaller pancakes, I actually like having one colossal one.

I topped my apple pulp pancake with a little bit of almond butter and some maple syrup. It was delicious and a great change to my normal breakfast routine. Lauren still likes the muffins better, although both recipes are yummy. At the moment I don't have anymore pulp to use up, nor any produce needing to be juiced. So it seems like these pulp-y posts have come to an end, until I get a sudden urge to juice again!