Monday, November 10, 2014

Best Friend Friday No. 5

On Friday Lauren and I headed out to Fabric Row once again. Unlike last time though, we were met with subway "complications". Basically, we needed to buy more tokens and the specific subway station we were getting on at doesn't sell tokens there. After lots of "confusion", we decided to walk back to the grocery store, buy tokens there, and then walk all the way back to the subway station.

When we got off of the subway and started walking to our destination, it started raining. I checked the forecast before we left, and no where did it mention there would be showers. On top of that, it even hailed a tad! That was pretty annoying, but thankfully it didn't last long.

Once we reached Fabric Row, we stopped off at PA Fabric Outlet first so Lauren could pick up some buttons for sweaters she has and will be knitting. The store is going out of business, so everything there was 50% off. I scored 20 yards of twill tape for only $3.50. You can't beat that!

The main reason I wanted to go fabric shopping though was because earlier in the week, Lauren surprised me by gifting me the Linden Sweatshirt pattern that I had been wanting badly. As I was checking my email one day, there the pattern was! Thanks Lauren, you're the best! Anyway, I really wanted to purchase some sweatshirt knits to sew this pattern up. Solids are always a safe option and I love stripes, so I was hoping to find either of those in the perfect weight fabric. Of all the shops in the area, I think Fleishman Supplies has the best selection of fabric for the best price, so that's where we ventured next. I found a brown heather knit (that's more t-shirt weight) and a white/black textured sweatshirt knit to experiment with. Hopefully I'll get around to sewing them up soon!
After some fabric shopping, we were hungry! We went to our favorite restaurant in all of Philadelphia, Blackbird Pizzeria! We learned our lesson last time that we can't handle their spicy smoked habanero buffalo wings, but we really liked the actual wings without the sauce. So this time we tried the root beer BBQ wings, and they were delicious! They had just the right amount of flavor without burning your tongue off; I'd definitely order these again. Of course we also had to order our usual Haymaker Pizza. A trip to Blackbird wouldn't be complete without it. I do want to try a lot of other Philadelphia vegan restaurants because there are pleasantly a significant amount of them, but Blackbird is seriously so hard to pass up! Plus, it also doesn't hurt that I got to eat pizza on a Friday (I have a serious Friday night, pizza night obsession)!

Fabric shopping and Blackbird Pizzeria pretty much rounded out this Friday escapade. Once we got home, it seemed like the perfect time to just relax and watch Netflix for the rest of the evening. I'm so happy that Netflix finally has several series from HGTV and the Food Network on their Instant Play. We spent the rest of Friday watching episode after episode of Chopped. It was an awesome Friday!

Although Saturday is obviously not Friday and therefore not really part of "Best Friend Friday", we extended our adventures. The following day Lauren and I walked over 3 miles (round trip) to attend a local craft fair, Art Star Craft Bazaar. Our favorite booth was Inedible Jewelry. Over a year ago, Lauren bought me a chocolate chip cookie for my charm bracelet, and a slice of vanilla cake (I'm still unsure of how I want to display it) for Christmas. While I loved those pieces before, seeing all of their products in person made me love their company even more! At the West Oak Design booth, we were able to "make and take" miniature terrariums! I had never made one before and Lauren has been dying to make one, so this was the perfect opportunity. They're so cute and mine is now currently sitting on my window sill, next to my other plants. For lunch, we walked outside and were greeted by several food trucks. After gawking at each one and reading their menus, we decided to try Samosa Deb since we love Indian food. I tried their veggie samosa and the veggie plate, which included rice, chana masala, and pakora. The food was okay, but it wasn't that similar to what I was used to. The spices seemed a little off, and the pakora (usually my favorite part), seemed more like falafel than pakora. Oh well. I'm still so glad we braved walking in the cold to come here.

And there it is. Another awesome Friday (and Saturday) spent with the bestie, doing what we do best: shopping and eating!