Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project 365: Days without Pictures

I shared my idea for Project 365 earlier, but I also wanted to show how I'm utilizing the empty spaces for the days where I forgot to take a picture. Since I'm storing all of my photos in albums, I didn't want to just leave several pockets completely blank simply because I didn't have a picture to display for that particular day. I wanted to be able to write my daily statement somewhere in the album (even if I don't have an actual photograph to complement it) so that I'd have a complete account of all six years, in one place.
It was important to me that everything inside my albums still flow well together. However I made up for the missing pictures, I was sure I wanted it to be cohesive with the rest of the book. After holding out and waiting till the perfect idea came to mind, I knew I just had to buckle down and figure out what I really wanted. I hated that having this little detail not yet figured out prevented me from completing my project (for now). Lauren likes to say that my decision making skills resemble a squirrel crossing the road. I might have to agree with that.
After much internal debate, I cut white card-stock into 4x6 inch pieces (the same size as the pictures) and rounded the corners. I wanted to incorporate the date stamp since the rest of my pictures include that. I stamped the date in black ink in the center of each respective card, then wrote my daily statement on the back in fine black Sharpie, just like I did for the days where I did have an actual picture representation.

Fast, simple, pretty cohesive, and to the point. Just like I wanted. I can finally say I'm up to date with my Project 365 albums!