Tuesday, June 2, 2015

06.15 Goals

In an effort to be more productive and accomplish my goals during my 24th year of life, I've decided to post a "to-do list" of sorts at the beginning of each month. At the end of the month I'll go back over my list and talk about what I was able to conquer and note the tasks I have yet to tackle.
1. Read a book.
2. Finish my art/gallery wall.
3. Figure out my exact plans for my first knit sweater.
4. Sew at least three wearable garments.
5. Go for a bike ride.
6. Finish Marissa's present for her upcoming birthday.
7. Walk/run 10,000 steps every day.
8. Wake up earlier to go running first thing in the morning.
9. Start doing yoga again.
10. Reorganize my cut out sewing patterns.

In case you wondering, these are the finished bowls from this post after they were fired in the kiln.