Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 35: Philly Veg Fest

For months I had been reading many Facebook updates, eagerly anticipating Philly Veg Fest, and this past Saturday was finally the day of the event. An entire block full of vegan food, what could be better than that? Lauren had a lot of school work to complete on Friday, so we decided Saturday's Veg Fest would be the perfect Best Friend "Friday" activity.

I purposefully came with a hungry, empty stomach. I didn't care how much I ate that day; I wanted to try everything! When we arrived, Lauren and I decided to walk around and scope out all of the booths before selecting what we wanted to eat first. We missed the first two hours of the event, so I know several of the booths ran out of food by the time we got there, so obviously those were out of the question. But, one of the first things we did stumble upon was Whole Foods' booth. They were handing out free samples of miniature pea protein pecan cookies. They were delicious, and if they were any indication of what else was in store, I knew we were in for plenty of amazing vegan treats. We walked by several different booths selling Indian food that looked really good, but I wanted to see all of my options first. We came across Blackbird Pizzeria and Dottie's Donuts, both excellent options. But because we've tried both of them numerous times before, we wanted to use this Veg Fest as an opportunity to see what other vegan foods Philadelphia had to offer. Ultimately, we jumped at the chance to try Kung Fu Hoagies.
The Kung Fu Hoagies line was easily the longest line at the Veg Fest, but we figured it would move pretty quickly. That assumption was wrong. We stood in line for over an hour. Both Lauren and I were already really hungry, so Lauren came up with the brilliant plan to snack on donuts while we were waiting in line. I held our place in line, while Lauren wandered off to the Dottie's Donuts booth. Our toasted coconut cream and lemon poppy seed donuts were the perfect treats to stave off our hunger and kept us both patient throughout the remainder of the line. Even though we spent the majority of our Veg Fest time waiting in a single line, Kung Fu Hoagies did not disappoint and was worth every minute of the long wait. The people were very friendly (and apologetic for the wait), and were cranking out orders as fast as they could. I hadn't even tried the food yet, and they already made me want to come back! 
Wanting to try as much as possible, we ordered two different long rolls and shared. We split the BBQ "beef" and "pork" Banh Mi's and really enjoyed both. I liked the flavors in the "beef" sandwich the best, but the "pork" had a better texture. Without hesitating, Lauren deemed the "pork" Banh Mi her favorite. We were happy to learn that they serve their Banh Mi's (and ramen!) from their food cart on Saturdays at Clark Park regularly. Clark Park is a short walk from our apartment, so you can bet there will a lot more Banh Mi's in our near futures!

Lauren and I had just completed an 18 mile long run that morning, so this was the perfect post-run activity. Quality best friend time and a plethora of vegan food! Seriously, nothing beats that!