Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday

This past week has been full of new projects! I finally finished my Spud & Chloe tubular cowl, and I actually really like how it turned out. Also, Loop's Melodia KAL ended, so it was time to cast on new knitting projects. I'm linking up with Ginny's YAL once again to share what I've been knitting this week.
I'm so glad Loop is having another KAL immediately following their previous one. I love walking to their shop every Sunday afternoon and spending a few hours knitting with other avid yarn folks. This weekend we cast on Laylow, and I'm surprisingly enjoying the look of the dropped stitches. I think they really stand out in a good way amongst the simple pattern. I'm making this shawl for myself, but I'll probably make at least one additional Laylow for a future gift.
Because I try to save my KAL project solely for our weekly meet up, I needed to cast on another project so that I'd have something to knit the rest of the week. After months of saying, "I'm going to make this next" and failing to do so, I finally cast on Color Affection. I love Lauren's finished shawl, so I'm using the same edging alterations she incorporated. I cast on yesterday and didn't want to stop. When I bought my yarn for this project over a  year ago, I was indifferent to the colors. They went well together, but I didn't adore them. Now though, I'm loving the "Stay Outta the Hay" colorway and wishing I bought more. I used to ignore all of the shawl patterns as I thought they were too "old-fashioned" for me. Realizing that shawls can also be worn like a scarf made me change my mind though. I joked that I'm going from zero to three shawls in less than two months!
I also continued working on my garter stitch blanket. I decided to add a second dark purple stripe, and am about halfway through this extra-large skein. I've only knit about a fifth of the desired finish size. Luckily, I haven't tired of this project yet since I have still a long ways to go.