Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Big 2-4

Last year for my 23rd birthday, I shared 23 random facts about myself. This year I wanted to do something similar, so I'm sharing 24 personal goals for the following year!

1. Run another marathon and ultra marathon.
2. Blog at least 5 times each month.
3. Sew every month.
4. Use up the majority of my stashed fabric (so I can buy more, of course) ;)
5. Knit and finish at least one project. (I must get back into knitting!)
6. Mail at least one letter each month.
7. Take lots of pictures with my big camera as a way of exploring my "neighborhood".
8. Finish my Summer Sampler cross stitch pattern.
9. Read at least one book per month.
10. Sew at least two dresses, and actually wear them.
11. Try at least one new food item each month.
12. Read through all of the magazines I own to clear up some much needed space.
13. Catch up on all of the birthday presents I owe people.
14. Run under an eight minute mile.
15. Go through and clean up my room at my parents' house.
16. Create an art/gallery wall.
17. Keep plants alive.
18. Have at least one vegetable every night for dinner.
19. Set a monthly budget and stick to it.
20. Weed through my belongings and donate items I no longer need.
21. Get a hair cut!
22. Make sure I get my daily 10,000 steps, but not make it a chore.
23. Try a new physical activity, like yoga.
24. Ride my bike often, while I have the opportunity.

To keep me in check with achieving these goals, I'm going to restart making a list and blogging about monthly goals. Hey, lists work for me.