Monday, July 14, 2014


Our drive from Portland to Corvallis was only about one and a half hours, but it still gave me a significant amount of time to work on my Summer Sampler cross stitch project. Hey, I'm only a year behind! The 18 hour car rides from Sacramento to Oregon and back home also helped.

Anyways, once we arrived in Corvallis and met up with the rest of Lauren's family, we went to dinner at Pastini Pastaria. I ordered the farfalle primavera with marinara sauce, no cheese. Well, they put cheese on pasta (nothing new, no big deal), but when they brought out my dish the second time, there was still cheese on it, and it was obvious that it was the same exact plate they initially brought out, and simply tried to scrape the cheese off. Not okay. The manager ended up coming to our table, apologized and comped my meal. I wasn't expecting this, but I greatly respect the manager's commitment to great customer service.

Despite the cold weather, Kevin's graduation went off without a hitch, although many people were upset that each students' name was not individually announced. Regardless, congratulations Kevin!

After his graduation we went to Laughing Planet for lunch in downtown Corvallis. We were all starving at that point and thoroughly enjoyed all of our food. I ordered the Che Guevara burrito and the Berry Berry Good smoothie, and appreciated the great quality of the food. Leti, Lauren, and I also picked up several vegan cookies for later. I demolished the vegan snickerdoodle in no time!

Lauren's grandma treated us to gelato and sorbet at Francesco's Gelato Caffe following lunch. I was stuffed at that point, but I quickly noticed the plethora of vegan sorbets! I tried some of Lauren's berry sorbet and it was delicious.

The next morning we all went to New Morning Bakery for breakfast. I had a bowl of mixed fruit and the vegan muffin; I'm pretty sure it was of the carrot cake-like variety. Initially I was frustrated that there wasn't a wider selection to choose from (I'm a little spoiled in the vegan department), but the muffin was really tasty and had a good consistency, so I was pleased.

So afterwards, we made the long drive back to Sacramento. A long road trip wouldn't be complete without several stops at Dutch Brothers (in the span of a week) and a stop at Taco Bell for some bean burritos!

Until next time, Oregon!