Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not your Typical Las Vegas Trip

A few weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas for a long weekend with several of my family members. No, I didn't spend the weekend partying like most people my age, but opted for more family-friendly activities. I didn't even gamble! Since we stayed at the Bellagio, most of the things we did that weekend centered around the hotel, for convenience.

* My siblings, little cousin, and I spent a lot of time in the kids' arcade, winning dozens (I kid you not) of stuffed animals.

* I enjoyed a relaxing pedicure with Marissa at Bellagio's spa.

* We went to Bellagio's buffet every night for dinner. I also snacked on some delicious berry sorbet for a pre-dinner treat.

* One evening we rode on the High Roller observation ride and saw the strip all lit up.

* We spent some time in the pools (and took lots of selfies).

* We walked along the strip for a little bit, but it was so hot!

* Watched the Bellagio water show several times.

* Picked up the Las Vegas "You are Here" Starbucks mug.

* Dined on steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar and berries every morning. I was just starting to get used to room service.

It's nice to be home and back into my normal daily routine, but I definitely miss the relaxation aspect of being on vacation!