Monday, July 6, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 39: XFINITY Live

For the past week or so, Lauren and I have been enjoying watching the Women's World Cup soccer games. Since we don't have cable, we've been able to live stream the games online and we were content with that. However, as we were watching the semi-final match, the game kept cutting out and then eventually we lost connection completely. We really wanted to watch the entire final since USA was playing, but didn't want to deal with any issues of the game cutting out or not working entirely. We knew that we needed to find somewhere else, with cable, so that we could watch the soccer final uninterrupted.

Lauren found several places hosting viewing parties for the game, all of them being bars or pubs. Neither of us fancy those scenes, but we wanted to watch the game so badly so we decided to give it a try. Yesterday, July 5 we found ourselves at XFINITY Live, mainly for their giant 32 foot television screen. I didn't really know what to expect, but I kept reminding myself that as long as I could watch the game, everything else would be okay.
XFINITY Live is located in the vicinity of all of Philadelphia's sporting arenas. I've never been to that area before, but after going there yesterday, I realized how easily accessible it is via public transportation.

Who knew that people make reservations for these type of events? Certainly, not me. All of the seats and booths in the bar area were already filled by the time we got there, but luckily we were able to still be seated towards the rear of the dining/bar complex. We still had a pretty good view of the huge television screen, so it worked out. There were dozens of people who weren't able to snag a seat anywhere and had to stand the entire time, so we lucked out.
Before going, we briefly looked up their menu online to make sure there was something that we'd be able to order. We decided to share the veggie pizza (sans cheese and mushrooms) and a side of fries. The pizza wasn't bad (the dough was really good), and the fries were amazing! I realize that most people don't seek out bars for their quality of food, but to each their own, right?

Obviously we were more than thrilled with the outcome of the game, although witnessing a more evenly matched final would've probably been a lot more exciting, yet a lot more nerve wracking. Regardless though, I'm glad both of us went out of our comfort zones so that we were able to do something we really wanted. Thankfully my best friend and I have pretty similar interests and almost always want to do the same things. Thanks for this great idea, Lauren!