Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 25: Chillaxin'

Funny story, I have this t-shirt that is one of my favorites to sleep in because it's ultra soft and super comfortable. My mom gave it to me for Christmas two years ago because Charlie Brown and Linus are on it, and she knows how much I adore the Peanuts gang. "Chillaxin'" just happens to be written across it, and Lauren insists that whenever I wear it, I must chillax. What does chillax mean, you ask? Simply put, chillaxin' is when you choose to be a little bit lazy (stay in your pajamas all day long), go with the flow, and just do anything you want despite how unproductive it may be. Basically, chillaxin is relaxing while remaining chill.

I'm sure you've guessed by now, but Friday, March 27 was spent doing just that. For Best Friend Friday this week, Lauren and I chillax'ed all day long. I spent the entire day cross stitching while Lauren worked at perfecting specific knitting techniques and finished a yarn embroidery piece for her art wall. Crafty chillaxin' day for the win!

I spent one of my more active moments of the day making pizza. I just couldn't let go of that Friday tradition; eating pizza is relaxing, you know. As part of our marathon training, a good portion of our Saturdays are spent running. Lately I've been using these long Saturday runs as an excuse to finish my entire personal pizza Friday night. I have to say, I think it's the pizza that powered me through those 12 miles. ;)

Even though we didn't do anything excruciatingly exciting this past Friday, I definitely enjoyed doing "nothing" with my bestie on her last true day of Spring Break!