Monday, March 2, 2015

02.15 Goals Roundup

For only having 28 days to complete these goals, versus the normal 30 or 31, I'd say I did pretty well this month ;)
1. Read a book: I finished Eleanor & Park in less than 24 hours and I loved it! It was a fast read and it kept me hooked. Even though I'm in my mid-twenties, I've found that I'm mostly drawn to young adult fiction. This story about two high schoolers living completely different lives who fall for each other, definitely fits this mold.

2. Finish my Summer Sampler: I'm so excited to announce that I finished it! I was really dreading having to go back to each square and complete the respective back stitching, but surprisingly it was actually pretty fun to do. Now I have a beautiful finished project that just needs to be framed and hung up!

3. Try a new recipe: I made Mexican quinoa one night for dinner, and Lauren and I both enjoyed it. I left out the avocado and cilantro though. Next time, I'll definitely add the cilantro and toss in some other nutritious veggies, perhaps bell pepper. I also made sweet potato black bean burgers since I had been desperately wanting to try out a bean-based burger patty. I love sweet potatoes and black beans so I figured I would fall in love with this recipe, but that didn't really end up being the case. Lauren was correct in saying that I overcooked the patties. They were a little on the dry and tough side. In my defense though, I thought the burger patties needed to cook for that long so they wouldn't be so squishy in the middle. But, I guess that's how bean-based burgers are supposed to be. I'm not too fond of that texture, so maybe this type of recipe isn't really for me.

4. Go thrifting: I begged Lauren to go to a local thrift store with me a few weeks ago, as I really wanted to find some interesting and unique frames for my art/gallery wall. I went in with an open mind, but even that wasn't enough. It wasn't the thrift store's fault though, they just didn't receive many worthwhile donations, in my opinion. I'm so used to all of the Goodwills in California and all of the treasures that accumulate there that I wasn't prepared for anything different. Needless to say, we left completely empty handed.

5. Start a gallery/art wall: Even though our thrifting adventure was unsuccessful, I didn't let this stop me from accomplishing this goal. I ended up buying a handful of frames from Ikea, and browsing through the frame aisles even excited Lauren enough to start an art/gallery wall of her own! I picked up a variety of frames in different sizes and colors, and have already filled three of them. Considering I didn't have any true direction prior to February, I'd say this is a pretty good start! Out of the frames I bought at Ikea, I only have six more to fill...although I'm sure I'll end up wanting more!

6. Start Lauren's belated birthday cowl: After pouring over pattern after pattern on Ravelry, Lauren and I worked together and decided that the 3 Color Cowl would be the perfect accessory for me to knit for her. We went to Loop about a week ago to purchase a few skeins of yarn, and I've been working diligently on this project since. There have been several days where I just didn't want to put my needles down, which is a little new to me, but I love it!

7. Sew something wearable with knit fabric: I've had a Scout Tee cut out in a striped knit for a few months now. It's a pretty easy pattern to sew up and truly shouldn't take longer than two days to sew. But, I've been so afraid and anxious to sew up this super stretchy knit. I really don't want to mess up and have to try to unpick a bunch of stitches, so I' haven't started.

8. Use my big camera EVERY day: The first week of February went pretty well. I managed to take the lens cap off my camera and shoot around, just for fun. Many of the pictures ended up being shots of food and random pictures of our apartment. However, shortly into the month I completely forgot to use my big camera one day, and after that one little forgotten day, I sadly just gave up and resorted back to my iPhone for daily pictures for my Project 365.

9. Try a new-to-me restaurant: Lauren and I tried the dinner buffet at Sitar India and loved it...a little too much though. I'm sure we'll be back soon though.

10. Play with watercolors: One Saturday evening, Lauren and I broke out the little watercolor tablet I picked up from the Crayola section at Staples and went to town painting. I think Lauren enjoyed it much more than me since her creations turned out a lot better than mine, but that just means I need to practice more!

Score for February: 8 out of 10