Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best Friend Friday No. 21: Trader Joe's

On February 27, to an outsider it may seem like Lauren and I didn't do anything super exciting. But then again, everyone has a different definition of "exciting". What may seem important and fun to me, probably feels pretty drab and boring to most people. I'm okay with that.

For the past month (seriously), I've been wanting to go to Trader Joe's for one main reason: almond butter. Over the past year, my love for this tantalizing nutty goodness as morphed into being an essential part of my everyday diet. Unfortunately though, our local grocery store only carries a small selection of almond butter, although their peanut butter options are overflowing. Literally the only non-flavored almond butter they offer is also packed with added sugar and oil. Thus, my longing to go to Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has the best, most simple almond butter for the best price, in my opinion.

Being that it's a two mile walk one way, so four miles round trip, Lauren and I have been putting off this excursion for awhile. As I stared into my almost-empty almond butter jar earlier in the week, I knew that I had to go Trader Joe's sooner rather than later. Initially we were planning on making the trek Wednesday afternoon, but after running that day, we decided that Friday was a better option.

Because we don't get to go to Trader Joe's that often, we bought whatever we wanted. Of course we had to stock up on essentials like nuts, raisins, cereal, frozen fruit, and two jars of almond butter. But, we also picked up some treats as well. I love that there are plenty of vegan options that most other grocery stores don't carry.

I could easily go on and on about how much I love almond butter (perhaps for another post?), but I won't torture you today. After we got back to our apartment and taste tested some maple cookies and Joe Joe's, we decided that the rest of Best Friend Friday should be spent relaxing. So, we watched Law and Order: SVU, and that was the perfect choice. We had other plans for the day, but this just seemed better.
I made pizza with marinara, cashew cheese sauce, spinach, black olives, and onion for dinner. We dined on our fabulous pies in front of the TV and worked in some knitting time, and all was well again. Here's to being flexible with plans and taking time to relax and unwind!