Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hooray for Saturday

It's Saturday and I couldn't be more happy that it's the weekend. Although I do wish it was Friday afternoon so that I could have an entire weekend again.

I started the weekend off right with homemade vegan pizza, followed by some vegan brownies. The brownies were pretty good, although I think they need more vanilla. I do love vanilla.

This morning I woke up when it was still dark outside. I hate waking up so early. It reminds me of having to wake up super early every Saturday morning for swim meets. Fortunately I didn't have to jump into a cold pool today though. I ran the Lake Natoma loop with SacFit today, and ended up completing 13.1 miles. This is the first time I ran a half marathon without doing so for a medal. Despite my lack of new hardware, I enjoyed it. SacFit set up aid stations about every 4 miles stocked with Pringles, fruit, Gatorade, candy, potatoes, and PB&J sandwiches. I love Pringles and orange Mike and Ikes. Food makes everything better. After our run, I went to Sunflower for lunch...YUM.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with chores and errands. It's going to be laundry central over here. Thankfully though, I love doing laundry. My only wish is that the washer and dryer weren't in the garage. I want a real indoor laundry room! But one day I will own a house with a laundry room, so everything is okay. Then it's off to the farmers' market, Costco, and Red Robin. Did you know Red Robin has pretzel buns now? They're delicious. Try one. Seriously.

And for your enjoyment: TOP THAT