Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glamping: Day One

Two weeks ago I went camping, or should I say glamping. Yes that’s right, “camping for glamorous girls”. Lauren, Marissa, Heather, and I headed over to Guerneville for a few days. While we did sleep in a tent, we ate the majority of our meals out at various restaurants in nearby cities and spent a large part of the days outside of the campsite. We left for Guerneville Friday morning and returned to Sacramento Monday evening. I decided to blog about my glamping experience as a short series, one blog post per each day of camping.

Lauren found Schoolhouse Canyon Campground online, and noting its proximity to larger cities, we all agreed to camp there. I really liked the campground; I could not have asked for a cleaner campsite with all of the necessary amenities. Even though Schoolhouse is family friendly, they have an adult-only area that’s usually kid-free throughout the day…very much appreciated! There were several bathroom stalls with full plumbing and coin operated hot showers as well.

Everyone agreed that we would go out to eat a lot so that we wouldn’t have to cook while we were there. We already had a car full of people and camping gear, and didn’t really have room for cooking supplies. We did make sure to bring lots of snacks though. Marissa and Heather were in charge of bringing individual boxes of chocolate soy milk and vegan muddy buddies. I’ve never had muddy buddies before, but they’re so good! Lauren, Lauren’s mom, and I spent the night before our trip baking blueberry muffins, bean and rice burritos (homemade tortillas too!), and energy balls. We ended up eating the muffins and energy balls every morning for breakfast before venturing out of the campsite.

We had spent the day before in a desperate quest for vegan marshmallows to no avail. The last time I checked, Whole Foods carried two brands: Sweet & Sara and Dandies. But all of the Whole Foods in the greater Sacramento area didn’t have any in stock. So on our way to Guerneville we stopped off at the Whole Foods in Santa Rosa praying that they had a bag left…no such luck. Apparently there’s a problem in Dandies production; that’s the rumor anyway.

While at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa we decided to have lunch. I love buying premade food from there; there are always so many vegan options to choose from. I ended up getting the lentil soup and a salad, as I’ve been wanting to try their vegan Caesar dressing. The soup had a really weird flavor that I didn’t really care for, and the Caesar dressing was alright, but I still definitely prefer Annie’s Goddess dressing.

We got to the campsite around 4 in the afternoon. It only took the four of us girls half an hour to set up the tent, followed by the guy across from us mentioning, “I had my doubts, but it looks like you girls were able to set up the tent”. Yes sir we did! After setting everything up, we walked across the street to a private river access. This point in the river was really shallow and we had no desire to wade in the water, but the access point did offer a nice view and a half of a mile of nice “trails”. We ended up playing cards for the rest of the evening (after napping of course) while sitting around the fire we built (thanks Duraflame!). Each campsite has their own fire pit too…how cool is that? For dinner we devoured some of the premade burritos, which instantly became a popular nightly occurrence.  

Day two of glamping coming up…