Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Late New Year

I realize January is almost already over, but happy belated New Year!

I haven't been too good about blogging regularly, but I'm hoping to fix that immediately. I'm so happy to have more free time on my hands now. This means I'll have more time not only for blogging but also for running, sewing, knitting, cooking, and baking!

My one New Year's resolution is to participate in Project 365. I'll be taking a photo everyday for the entire year and making something great with all of my pictures, but more about that later. I'm excited!

This year I also signed up to run the American River 50 mile race. Earlier this month I started running with SacFit's Ultra group. This is the first time I've run on true trail terrain and I must admit, I love it. I enjoy the scenery and the peacefulness of the trails. I finished the California International Marathon (CIM) in December and even though I swore I didn't want to run that far again, I signed up for an ultra race. Crazy.

I recently returned from a weekend in San Francisco where I visited probably my favorite fabric store. I bought a bunch of knits so I'm looking forward to sewing more clothes this year as well.

Stitches West is also coming up so I need to start knitting up a lot of the yarn I already own so I can buy more at the best yarn convention ever!

2014 is great so far and I'm making it a goal to enjoy the year and all of the smaller day-to-day happenings.