Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October Wrap Up

Even though October ended several weeks ago, I've just now looked back at my October goals to see what I've actually completed. It's taken me a while to get to it, but better late than never! Again, this list wasn't made to be stressed out over, but rather for ideas of fun things to do.

I went to Apple Hill at the beginning of the month with my family, Lauren's family, and Heather. Even though I lugged my camera around all day, I didn't take any pictures...not even with my phone :( Despite my lack of photos, I did have fun. I ate garlic fries, bought tons of apples, and enjoyed a yummy burrito picnic.

While at Apple Hill I bought half of a bushel of mutsu apples. I knew that I wanted to make apple juice and I wanted to find the perfect tasting apples for it. I sampled several apple varieties, knowing that I wanted a sweet tasting one. Even though I could've easily bought apple juice at Apple Hill, where's the fun in that? I got a juicer for Christmas so I was ready for the challenge. I ended up juicing about 25 apples which yielded 50 ounces of juice.I refrigerated the extra juice in mason jars which worked out pretty well. Sadly I only drank half of the juice...I'm thinking I should now throw the rest out since it's been sitting in the refrigerator for over a month...

Shorty after I finished the Urban Cow Half Marathon, I reached 400 miles on my old Asics running shoes, so it was time for a new pair! I was so excited to go to Fleet Feet and be fitted for my next pair. I tried on a handful of different brands and styles, and it turns out I still love Asics. When you buy shoes at Fleet Feet, an employee analyzes how you run and looks at your normal gait to help find the best shoes for your specific feet. I knew that I had low arches, but interestingly enough, I discovered that I also overpronate. I found the Asics GT 2000 to be the most comfortable and last year's model was on clearance, so I bought those instead. While I don't particularly care for black running shoes, I know that I'll be able to get a new pair in a few months and that comfort is more important than appearance when it comes to running shoes. Since buying my shoes I've run about 100 miles in them...300 more miles until the next pair!

As for my huge pile of magazines that's about to take over the apartment...well I read two. Magazines just keep coming, I can't help it. I didn't order any more magazines or renew my subscriptions this Fall, so within the next few months my pile should truly start to shrink. Baby steps.

I really hoped that I'd find inspiration to do crafty things this month, but sadly it didn't happen. Although November is already halfway over, I'm beginning to come up with my November goals and I know I'll have lots of projects on my list for this month.