Thursday, October 24, 2013

Urban Cow Half Marathon

Earlier this month, Lauren, Heather, Leti, and I participated in the Urban Cow Half Marathon. I'd never run this race before, but I heard it was a pretty flat course so I was excited to get a PR.

I've been "training" for five consecutive months now (the longest I've ever consistently run) and I feel like I'm already in better shape. I've lost a few pounds, but for the most part I'm still the same size. In January I made a resolution to run at least one mile a day. On my first run I remember realizing how out of shape I really was. I wasn't dying while I was running, but it wasn't an easy feat either. Even though I broke my resolution at the end of January, I got back into running in June and have been consistent with working out since. Now it's a breeze to run a mile and most Saturdays I run upwards of ten miles without feeling dead afterwards.

Anyways...back to the half marathon...

I did end up getting a PR at this race; I improved my time by seven minutes which I'm really happy about. This is the first race I've completed with intervals, and while I feel guilty walking every five minutes, these breaks made the race SO much easier to finish.

This is also the first time I ran a race with my CamelBak. While it's a nuisance to carry an extra few pounds of water on my back, it was awesome being able to hydrate anytime I wanted. Even though the CamelBak enabled me to carry lots of water and snacks, it also caused shoulder pain. I'll have to reconsider running with my CamelBak for the next race; I may end up just running with a water bottle instead. We shall see! 

The majority of the race took place in the Land Park neighborhood in Sacramento. I loved running past all of the cute houses; the miles flew by. Parts of the race also took part in downtown Sacramento which is always a nice area to run through. Plus, how could you not like participating in an event where the finisher's medal is a cow bell?