Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Right Now

 - Eagerly anticipating fall weather and layers of clothes
- Thinking that track workouts are a little bit fun, but also torturous
- Scheming ways to use the dates we bought at the farmers' market
- Eying my cute floral nails (thanks for buying nail stamps, Lauren!)
- Wishing I could eat chocolate chip cookie dough Larabars all day long (and Sour Patch Kids too!)
- Hoping to get my midweek runs in while it's still light outside
- Loving my new cords from Gap, mainly loving the color though
- Surprisingly getting a good night's sleep despite sleeping on an air mattress
- Telling myself to get a move on with my August goals
- Debating whether or not to run a marathon in November
- Trying to use up as much "pantry" food as possible
- Becoming smart, buying chopped kale instead of wasting hours prepping it myself; ain't nobody got time for that
- Starting to appreciate black and white photos