Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Container Garden Update

I recently shared a picture of the first little baby tomato! It's still very green, but very exciting nonetheless.

So, I thought I'd share and show how the rest of our container garden is doing. I watched a handful of Youtube videos about planting and harvesting the other day, and now I'm even more obsessed with our tiny garden. I also apologize in advance for all of the pictures; I'm sorry I'm not sorry!

As I mentioned before, the tomato plant is growing super tall and wide. After I spotted the first little tomato, I spent the next several weeks looking for more tomato buds compulsively. There's currently over a dozen little green tomatoes now! We also finally added a cage...better late than never. Look how big the first little green tomato is now!

The zucchini plant is getting huge. Flowers are beginning to grow, but they haven't bloomed yet.

Both cucumber plants have grown since being planted, and the Japanese cucumber plant just started showing signs of real cucumbers! We also just added cages, don't worry.

The strawberry plant has about a dozen flowers with teeny tiny strawberry buds. They started off green, but now they look brown...I hope that's supposed to happen. There are two larger red strawberries that I'm pretty certain have stopped growing. I'm thinking they're ready to be picked?

We've already used some basil in several different meals, and it tastes excellent! I must admit though, I didn't know the correct way to harvest the basil at first. I just picked off the biggest leaves, no matter where they were on the plant. After watching some videos, I learned that you have to look at a basil plant in layers. When you go to harvest the herb, simply break the entire top layer of leaves off.

The flower seeds that Lauren planted are looking good too. Now it looks like more than just a pot filled with soil. Hopefully the green shoots turn into pretty flowers soon instead of looking like a bowl of weeds.

I'm seriously in love with admiring our plants. Every morning before we leave for work, Lauren and I look at their growth, and I drool over their changes. I'll definitely be sharing further updates on our container garden as more growth ensues.