Saturday, March 15, 2014

Merit Vegetarian

Lauren and I made a deal for our Stitches West trip: I would drive and by gas, and Lauren would buy dinner. One of my absolute favorite things about going on trips is searching for delicious vegan food. Seriously. So of course, this trip required a good meal as well.

I left it up to Lauren to choose a restaurant, and after narrowing it down to two she chose Merit Vegetarian, which should really be called Merit Vegan. Everything there is vegan! Awesome. It's located in Sunnyvale, so it wasn't too far of a drive from the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Merit Vegetarian is a Chinese restaurant that serves Americanized dishes. Even though there were only two of us, we ordered enough to probably feed an entire (skinny) family. I never pass up the chance for delicious leftovers. We decided on drumsticks and imperial rolls for appetizers. For our entrees we shared the gourmet fried rice, orange nuggets, and noble broccoli. And what's dinner without dessert? With a full list of vegan desserts to choose from, we opted for the strawberry cheesecake.

Everything there was delicious and I'm still amazed that every single item was vegan! The fried rice and orange nuggets were my favorite dishes. The cheesecake was surprisingly fluffy like dairy cheesecake! While we didn't finish all the food at the restaurant, every last morsel was gone the following day. Hence, their food does well microwaved a day later and still tastes delightful.

Merit Vegetarian...move to Sacramento please!