Thursday, June 27, 2013

I did it...

I registered to run the California International Marathon in December. I'm crazy, I know.

At least I have 5 months to train for the race. I started Sacfit with the hope of maybe running more than a half marathon. So I bit the bullet and took the first step.

Sacfit started in early June with a short pace run, so that we could get placed in groups based on our physical fitness level. Our heart rates following our run were factored into our average split times. I'm not a fast runner and it doesn't help that I'm out of shape, so I was placed into a slower pace group. The following week I went out and ran with that group, but I didn't feel like I put any effort into that run. It felt more like a casual fast walk than a workout to me. I talked with the coaches afterward, and together we decided that I should run with a slightly faster group next time. So I'll see how the new pace group goes on Saturday.

On Tuesday we ran stairs and two days later, my calves are still burning. I. Hate. Stairs.

While I'm excited to complete 26.2 miles, I'm also really nervous. I've already told a lot of people that I'm training for a marathon, and so now I have to prove to myself and everyone else that I really can do it. There's no turning back now.